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MD5: ff984b2837230a221d53fad5462c0b61
SHA-1: 16725f1208d6198d4eab590b45de7ea960499313
SHA-256: 340c569de47c800199b1d86b4152921e0c444509ff8f31b997b4e8675c469b79
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MD5: 27962b9ecda4054f920cda60a6a3e123
SHA-1: a4c73f3129f22ecfb9de446068e7dd3c3a45412b
SHA-256: 075c7b45fb17cc306a6411ac87f6e348131d6d7af9ef7c0fe421f34296925357

Release info

Created by: Dave Reid
Created on: 7 Oct 2015 at 15:43 UTC
Last updated: 7 Oct 2015 at 15:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #936222 by mvc, quicksketch, joelpittet, Dave Reid, sammarks15, brianV, RoloDMonkey, bvanmeurs, effulgentsia, jucallme, ponies, Island Usurper, Pancho, iamEAP, pinoniq, bibishani, Gábor Hojtsy, emanaton, populist, mrmikedewolf, klonos, dsnopek, Fabianx, MiroslavBanov, JamesOakley, acbramley, jstoller, DamienMcKenna, mattlt, rv0: Merged in pathauto_persist module functionality to prevent losing manual aliases when calling node_save().
  • #1909400 by Dave Reid: Removed the hacky pathauto_module_implements_alter() and moved core implementations to pathauto.module.
  • #2423077 by Dave Reid, TuWebO: Fixed wrong parameters passed to truncate_utf8() from pathauto_alias_uniquify().
  • #897310 by gordon, Dave Reid: Added features integration for exporting pathauto patterns along with node types and taxonomy vocabularies.
  • #2434675 by mtift: Clarify when hook_pathauto_pattern_alter() is called.
  • #1128870 by mikeryan, badrange, EclipseGc, Dave Reid: Added Migrate module integration.
  • #2372101 by mfb: Fixed mb_eregi_replace() called without first calling mb_regex_encoding() and setting encoding to UTF-8.
  • #1430898 by Dave Reid: Fixed pathauto_install() should not overwrite any existing pattern variables.
  • #2067191 by bneil, Martijn Houtman, stefan.r, rv0, DamienMcKenna, Dave Reid: Fixed path_pathauto_is_alias_reserved() does not handle language-neutral aliases correctly, possibly resulting in duplicate aliases.
  • #2114323 by alberto56, jarkkotuunanen, ollii, frakke: Switched using taxonomy_get_tree() to taxonomy_get_children() which fixes field tokens not generated for any child aliases, and improves performance.
  • Fixed docs in
  • Fixed _pathauto_alias_exists().
  • #2351205 by basvanderheijden: Fixed Drupal.behaviors.pathFieldsetSummaries did not use context.
  • #2511988 by rrfegade: Fixed documentation spelling errors.
  • #1784874 by Dave Reid, aaronbauman: Converted admin UI to use the token dialog.
  • #801702 by IceCreamYou, Dave Reid, m4olivei, mojzis: Updated API documentation.
  • Fixed error in hook_pathauto_pattern_alter() example code.
  • #2272871 by Dave Reid, Elijah Lynn: Fixed "Do nothing. Leave old alias intact" update action should hide the Pathauto checkbox on existing content.
  • #2272871 by Elijah Lynn, Dave Reid: Fixed "Do nothing. Leave old alias intact" does not uncheck "Generate automatic URL alias" checkbox on first edit of existing content, but does on subsequent edits.
  • Fixed example hook_pathauto_pattern_alter().
  • Simplify invocations of pathauto_cleanstring() by both accepting $options['langauge'] and $options['langcode']. Fixed the array:join-path token did not pass options into pathauto_cleanstring().
  • Small optimization to pathauto_clean_token_values().
  • #1574700 by jgSnell, fletchgqc: Clarified transliteration help text means US-ASCII instead of ASCII-96.
  • #1586172 by jaydub: Fixed link to Redirect module settings page from Pathauto settings page.
  • #2174603: Added support for an $options['force'] parameter in pathauto_*_update_alias() callbacks that ignores the $object->path['pathauto'] value and will always perform aliasing.
  • #1834666 by greggles: Update README.txt maintainers
  • #1988226: Fixed @todo link in _pathauto_path_is_callback to correct core issue.
  • Revert "Issue #1988226: Fixed @todo link in _pathauto_path_is_callback to correct core issue."
  • #1909370: Added documentation for hook_pathauto_is_alias_reserved().
  • #1565850: Added hook_pathauto_pattern_alter().
  • #1909370: Added a hook_pathauto_is_alias_reserved().
  • #1003490: Renamed 'Bulk update' tab to 'Bulk generate' to better reflect actual functionality.
  • Follow-up #1781302: Added return value to the pathauto_blog_update_alias() function.
  • #1781302: Added return values to the pathauto_*_update_alias() functions.
  • #1899806: Fixed URL segments with empty tokens inbetween separator resulted in duplicated backslashes in Pathauto alias.
  • Bug #973908: Fix pathauto_cleanstring() lacks language context.
  • #1796920: Fixed pathauto_action_info() did not define the required 'triggers' property for each action.


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