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Path metatags module helps you to create metatags for any page with any selection rules and load any entity from the URL!


  • You can load contexts from URL and use it like tokens for metatags values.
  • You can use selection rules to display different metatags on the same page.
  • Module supports ALL tokens from Entity tokens module (part of Entity module).
  • You can import/export metatags (supports single operations, Features and Ctools bulk export).
  • Path metatags can be cloned to save you time while building meta data.
  • You can disable path metatags and enable them later.
  • All path metatags values are translatable.
  • Usable interface.

Important note

If you are using Chaos Tools 7.x-1.2 some of your multi-level tokens could be broken. In this case see #1727804: Keywords substitution doesn't work as expected and apply patch from it.

How can I get started?

See screencast about Path Breadcrumbs (similar UI but for breadcrumbs navigation).


Module depends on Chaos tools and Entity tokens.


  • Module was designed and developed by Maslouski Yauheni.
  • Module development was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.

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