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Password Reset tabs is a simple UI for changing drupal password.It provides a simple workflow,i.e a series of tabular steps on same page.
It bypasses the one time login form in drupal 7 and drupal 8.

Steps followed:

1)IDENTIFICATION: Enter your email address where you want the password link to be sent.i.e the registered email id for your account on site.
2)VALIDATION:Here a message is displayed which informs you to check your mail inbox containing the password link.You need to paste this link on the browser.
3)NEW PASSWORD:After you paste the link this module automatically redirects you to this tab.Here you can change your password using form.
4)YOU ARE DONE:After changing password you are logged out and redirected to this tab displaying the success message.

Note: This also bypasses the one time login form in drupal 7 and drupal 8.
With this module enabled, one-time login form is skipped in Drupal 8 also.

USE CASE: After developing this feature in a number of websites,I felt that most of the Drupal clients are not happy with the current forgot password workflow,which is being followed.This module saves time to develop this feature.

Related modules:There are some modules available which bypass the one time login form, which appears after pasting password reset link.

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