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Bootstrap Paragraphs Layout UI
Bootstrap Paragraphs Layout Display

Bootstrap based layout styling for paragraphs.

This is a 'feature' module, in that it only bundles up configuration for existing modules.

What you get:

* 2 sub-modules containing configuration for classy paragraphs, for both 12 and 24 column grid systems.
* Bootstrap Row paragraph type.
* Bootstrap Column paragraph type.


1. Enable the paragraphs_bootstrap_layouts module as usual.
2. Enable one of the sub modules depending on the grid you are using.
3. Add a new entity reference revisions field to one of your entities and allow it to use ONLY the paragraphs Row paragraph type.
4. Create as many rows as you need, create as many columns within those rows as you need, then add paragraphs to those columns.


  • Paragraphs
  • Classy Paragraphs
  • Bootstrap compatible theme (due to the use of bootstrap row and col clases for layout)
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