This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is unsupported due to a licensing issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See #2764555: 3rd party files in in Panelli Git repo (LWG issue) for details.

If you want to use this project your options are:

  • Choose another, actively maintained theme instead
  • File an issue in the theme's issue queue with a patch to fix the issue and then post a notice about the patch in Drupal LWG issue tracker to have your patch reviewed and ownership of the project handed over to you.

A 960gs - base theme suitable for Panels Everywhere.



  1. Download the theme and place it in your sites/all/themes/ folder
  2. Download and enable Panels (Ctools required)
  3. Download and enable Panels Everywhere
  4. Download and enable Less: Be sure to use the latest lessphp version
  5. Enable the theme: A default site template should be immediately available

Development is sponsored by Plurimedia.

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