Panels Pane Report

Panels Pane Report helps create visibility into the content on your website or application by letting you know where specific nodes, content types, mini panels, blocks, build modes, etc. are being used within your panels-based system.

Just a few use cases:

  • Determine where specific nodes are used, or not used, across your site.
  • Identify misuse of build modes, styles and patterns within your site.
  • Identify use of deprecated build modes, styles and content types within your site.
  • Identify mini panel usage across your site.
  • Find undeleted pane references to deleted nodes.


As of 7.x-1.4, the Drupal 7 version module is now considered feature complete. It has support for use with panels_node, panels_mini, panelizer and page_manager. Security updates will continue to be maintained as necessary.

If someone wants to continue pushing this module forward, co-maintainers are welcome.

Due to changes to the layout system in Drupal 8, the decision has been made to not continue Panels Pane Report in future versions of Drupal. That said, some of the concepts used here can definitely be ported into D8. As a result, the Layout Report (Sandbox Module) has been created to start working through that process.

How to Use

Getting Started:

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Setup appropriate permissions for your users.
  3. Navigate to Reports -> Panels Pane Report to view or regenerate report data.
  4. Navigate to Configuration -> System -> Panels Pane Report to set cron settings.
  5. * Navigate to Configuration -> System -> Panels Pane Report -> Styleguide settings to define styleguide standards.

Search filters:

  • Entity ID/Title: Shows all entities related (via panel usage) to the entity with the specified ID or title.
  • Entity Type: Filters by entity type.
  • Bundle: Filter by content bundles.
  • Build Mode: Filter panes by the build mode they are rendered with.
  • Style Mode: Filter panes by the style mode they are rendered with.
  • Pattern is Active: Filter based on whether a specific pattern is published or unpublished.
  • Panel Page is Active Filter based on whether the page on which a specific pattern is used is published or unpublished.
  • Container: Filter by the container in which a particular entity resides.
  • Display Layout: Filter by the layout used by the panel display.
  • * Styleguide: Filter by whether a specific pattern meets or fails styleguide standards.

* Requires the PPR Styleguide submodule to be enabled.

PPR Styleguide

Panels Pane Report also includes a submodule called "PPR Styleguide". This module allows you to establish rules dictating allowed and disallowed combinations of various features.

Styleguide Examples:

Here are a few examples for styleguide rule configurations:

Title/Description Allowed/Disallowed Rules
No Teasers Disallowed build_mode=teaser
No unpublished patterns on published pages Disallowed page_status=1
Blocks should only exist in twocol layout Disallowed entity_type=block
Allow twocol layouts on panels_node display containers Allow display_layout=twocol

Fields Available:

  • build_mode: Indicates the build mode of the pattern.
  • bundle: Node bundle (if applicable).
  • display_layout: Layout of the display container.
  • display_storage_id: Maps to the storage id for the display.
  • display_storage_type: Maps to the storage type for the display.
  • entity_type: Indicates the type of entity.
  • page_status: Page node status.
  • page_storage_id: Maps to the storage id for an individual pattern.
  • page_title: Title of the page the pattern is used on.
  • pattern_status: Pattern node status.
  • pattern_storage_id: Maps to the storage id for the pattern.
  • pattern_title: Title of the pattern.
  • style_mode: Indicates the style mode of the pane.


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