This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Painter provides dynamic image creation and manipulation capabilities by allowing the definition of sequences of image IO, manipulation and drawing operations that can be applied to fields within content types and views, as well as to page elments such as the logo, navigation, titles and buttons.

Modules currently included:

  • Painter: API as well as image loading and saving
  • Drawing: Drawing of pixels, lines, rectangles and ellipses, text and vertical or horizontal gradients
  • Imaging: Drawing, rotating, flipping, cropping, scaling and creation of images, as well as 'gluing' images together vertically or horizontally
  • Reflection: Reflection effect on images and text
  • Painter UI ( Provides the UI to create and manipulate chains of drawing operations, as well as field integration. Plays well with lightbox 2.
  • Page elements ( Provides the means to add generated graphics and behaviours to page elements. Primary and secondary navigation and tabs, buttons and menu links support normal, hover and active states (CSS based rollover behaviour).
    Logo supports home and subsequent page states.

    Developed with a lot of inspiration from core, menu and imagecache

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