This is a very simple module that exposes a 'redirect' task to the page manager module in the ctools suite. This allows you to define paths that can then redirect to others, all without writing any code. You can use this to do things like:

  • Redirect user profile nodes to the /user/X page that owns the profile
  • Redirect Images in a gallery to their node referenced gallery.

Page Manager Redirect (PMR) is now fully compatible with Drupal 7!

Differences from similar modules

There are a number of other modules that attempt to perform some kind of redirection based on paths. Page manager redirect is different because it can leverage the ctools context system to gather all sorts of useful information from the original URL to construct the redirection URL with. Genius!

Similar modules

  • Path Redirect allows you to specify a redirect from one path to another path or an external URL, using any HTTP redirect status.
  • Taxonomy redirect allows the administrator to change the destination of taxonomy term links. This means the redirect only works for taxonomy links placed by the taxonomy module. It also means if you type the url in to your browser the redirect doesn't work.
  • Node destination lets you specify a destination address for where users should be sent to after they submit an add/edit node form.
  • Custom (Form) destination provides a way to define where a form should redirect the user upon submission.
  • CCK Redirection provides a CCK field for redirecting a user to a new URI on visiting a node.

Note that the latest versions of the Chaos Tool suite now include a HTTP Response code plugin that works very similarly to Page Manager Redirect. PMR will look to achieve feature parity with that, and possibly implement an upgrade path to it, with the end goal of becoming obsolete. See #1064926: Get to feature parity with CTools HTTP Response Code handler & make upgrade path for the current status on this work. There are existing and intended features of PMR that the HTTP Response does not have - we shall look to add these in future if possible.


Some example redirects may be found in the Page manager redirect examples sub-module.

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