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P6 Profile is a Drupal 6.x installation profile. It includes many essential
contributed modules pre-configured to get you started.


Following instructions are for 6.x-1.1 and older releases. Current releases uses the new Drupal Distribution Packaging system and includes the modules, themes, libraries and patches defined in the .make files, you don't need to run drush make to build the package anymore. See Notes in the download area for details of the release notes and what is included.

1. CD into the webroot.

2. Download this installation profile and extract to profiles/p6_profile under web root:
So, it should be like profiles/p6_profile/p6_profile.profile
Or you can use drush, too:
$ drush dl p6_profile --destination=profiles

3. Run drush make to download the core, contributed modules and themes:
$ drush make profiles/p6_profile/p6_profile.make . --prepare-install

4. Move p6 sub-theme to sites/all/themes
$ mv sites/all/themes/p6_base/p6 sites/all/themes/p6

5. Copy i18n-ascii.txt file to sites/default for enabling transliteration prior to creating aliases:
$ cp sites/all/modules/contrib/pathauto/i18n-ascii.example.txt sites/default/i18n-ascii.txt

6. Grant write permissions to the configuration file and the files storage directory:
$ chmod o+w sites/default/settings.php
$ chmod o+w sites/default
$ chmod o+w sites/default/files

7. Install Drupal with Project6 profile selected.

8. After installtion, write-protect the settings.php file and the sites/default directory
$ chmod a-w sites/default/settings.php
$ chmod a-w sites/default

9. Go to admin/build/path/pathauto and enable "Transliterate prior to creating alias"

10. Go to Status Report page at admin/reports/status and complete remaining tasks.

11. Optional. Add the following .gitignore file to the web root:



This project is developed by Osman Gormus and sponsored by Project6 Design, Inc., a leading Drupal design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit us at or contact us at

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