This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

osCommerse Authentication Settings

This module provide an authentication link between Drupal and osCommerse.

When a user try to connect to Drupal but the system doesn't found. The osCommerse Auth module procced to check user against osCommerse tables. if user is found a dummy user is created in Drupal and authentication is enabled in Drupal

This module provide a extra process function to enable include custom code after authentication with osCommerse. If you want to use this function you just need include your code at function oscommerse_auth_extra_process.


1. Follow the usual module installation procedure [1] or use Drush [2].

[1] Installing contributed modules:
[2] Drush:

2. Enable OS Commerse module

3. Configure OS Commerse module at

Provide OS Commerse DB Credentials like hostname, username, password and schema


1. All drupal users will work as usual

2. Non existent users in Drupal DB will be checked in OS Commerse DB and created as Drupal User

3. Enjoy it.

Co Maintainer: emudojo

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