This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows you to search multiple OpenSearch feeds at the same time. The results are aggregated and cached locally, and results are fetched incrementally as you page further down the results.

It works best if the search sources are all run on the same software. The OpenSearch module for Drupal can provide the appropriate feeds, and will also pass along relevance information. OpenSearch Aggregator will sort the results by descending relevance globally.

Currently, this module only aggregates opensearch feeds that are of rss/xml format, e.g. or

If you combine this module with the OpenSearch module, you can republish the aggregated search as OpenSearch again!

Please contact me if you wish to become the module maintainer, I no longer am in use of this module. I am using search services with distributed_search.

- Figure out a smart caching policy. Right now, results are cached forever.
- Fix problems at the end of the pager.
- Remove debug stuff
- Add autodiscovery of the Opensearch Description file. i.e. type in the URL to a drupal site, and do the complete autodiscovery from HTML -> OSD -> OS Feed

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