A Features-based voting module primarily designed to select the toughest of user-submitted questions for politicians. This module can also be used for any other domain where the goal is to select the best of user-submitted content, not just the most popular.

The primary goal of this project is to provide a way for users to submit questions for politicians, have the toughest of those questions selected by experts, and then have politicians asked those very tough questions either online or in person on video.

Similar efforts (the White House's Open for Questions, Reddit AMAs, etc.) involve selecting the most popular questions. This project aims to select the toughest questions: the ones politicians will have the most trouble answering.

Other efforts let everyone vote on questions. This project only allows those in the Expert role to vote on questions, and all votes by Experts are public. That helps hold Experts accountable: if an Expert votes down or ignores a question simply because he disagrees with it, visitors will be able to see that. Likewise if an Expert votes up a weak question simply because he agrees with it.

See README.txt in the project for more information and installation instructions.

Project Information