Using OpenMusicFestival? Join our G.D.O group! Update: 1.3-alpha4 has the minor version numbers removed in order to allow easy maintenance. Please file an issue if something breaks — thanks! Warning: Currently under heavy development. Use at own risk until this message is removed!

OMF is a streamlined Drupal distribution for music festivals, designed to be extensible while also easy to use and maintain year-on-year.

The initial use case is for a large, multi-stage music festival taking place over several days, though the flexible nature of Drupal means this can be easily adapted into serving any style of music festival.

Main components:

Artist listings

The core, the artist content type enables listings with fields for bio information, links to external sites and the ability to stream YouTube and Soundcloud media.

Event scheduler

Artists are associated with events (a content type), which have a location (Complete with Google Maps) and start/end times.

Venue directory

Events are associated with venues (a taxonomy), which have their own directory.

The terminology is kept abstract to ensure as many use cases as possible — in our "multi-stage music festival" example, each stage is a venue and each set at those stages is an event.

Site pages and blog articles are managed via the standard Drupal content types. Using the CTools suite is a high priority — Views is used extensively to compile lists of each content type, with Panelizer for layout.


Omega (with Omega Tools) is included to allow rapid theming.

A custom theme based on Twitter Bootstrap is in development and will be released in July.

The Future

Depending on demand, Drupal Commerce or some other payment system may be added to the profile and pre-configured to allow different ticket types.

A theme specific to OpenMusicFestival will probably be created before the first stable release. However, OpenMusicFestival will remain theme-agnostic -- no theme-specific functionality will be backed into it.

What we need to make this project completely awesome:

  • If you are willing to work on the theme, please send the maintainer a message.
  • A logo would be terrific, if anyone is willing to design one.
  • Feedback is always super appreciated! Please feel free to open an issue in the queue if you have a specific request or idea.

New version coming soon(-ish)

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