The module provides API for other Drupal modules to interface with the OpenERP via the XML-RPC calls.

The API is including the authentication, searching, data retrieval, data updating to the OpenERP server. You will need a working OpenERP server to run this module.

This module does not provide any user interfaces rather than the administration UI to configure the common OpenERP account information as well as altering the user's profile to allow each user use their own account. All of the non-admin UI, including the blocks, views, data entry form, report, please check the following modules:

This project is still under development the first commit and additional documentation will be available for review and testing soon.

OpenERP 6.x Support

The module has been successfully tested against the OpenERP 5.x server and with major test cases against the OpenERP 6.x server. Therefore, it is possible to use this module with OpenERP 6.x, also.

Drupal 8

With both Drupal and Odoo (formerly OpenERP) moving forward we will start Drupal 8 development for this module in a new namespace odoo.


This project was originally developed and maintained by BoogieBug with contributions of podarok. It is now maintained by ricovandevin.

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