Download openatrium-7.x-2.617-core.tar.gztar.gz 32.9 MB
MD5: 7232c0fbce4613da5057af8c890b518b
SHA-1: 482cd9f22c5edfd15b70bca96c68cfdf8c7dbe71
SHA-256: 997e59214bd184779b4434f3db4027e7034b88d2df24f5a538281621cdd11999
Download openatrium-7.x-2.617-core.zipzip 37.7 MB
MD5: 3279f2a4f1f24995cd9b8fd2a9cccb9e
SHA-1: 28de21a18c1d6ad1b80143e600d5a1a716206411
SHA-256: 1faf401ee4cefac68dba432880014cc718bde23966708713b10809d9664744e4
Download openatrium-7.x-2.617-no-core.tar.gztar.gz 29.66 MB
MD5: 9db5d28e9d2afe4084c414180c9cbf77
SHA-1: 6aa2c07662564cd326a361660a6c11f0d5772286
SHA-256: cb312f14072300b4f82b054a8d6a157c4f85c37e572e99ba232f90c35f490a17
Download openatrium-7.x-2.617-no-core.zipzip 33.52 MB
MD5: 23ba6bb780928f863d40329a0d9023a7
SHA-1: f47003bb727aeed7a59bb168de80c51f5ec5a2ae
SHA-256: 356ca5fefef617228008a1d84b15798de316a1dd4386e4cb5765f653feddf7b2
Download openatrium-7.x-2.617.tar.gztar.gz 460.21 KB
MD5: 1a1c0e003acf8139685ad089a8e758bc
SHA-1: 55dda0fd5cb14bb18d5431f49955713371012149
SHA-256: 3ba4dcaf61ed65e4dff530307c104423894918500e1c05c8fc38fe62810656bb
Download openatrium-7.x-2.617.zipzip 474.05 KB
MD5: 470ca0af90169dfaa998f279d2d58abf
SHA-1: 8c74df7e760dd80fe452403822090dcf1006397d
SHA-256: 5c4b4d16e88a8ee38e30db8d626129e7ce55a54c22999c0f20bcbf843c1a8c8b

Release info

Created by: mpotter
Created on: 22 Jun 2017 at 15:19 UTC
Last updated: 17 Aug 2017 at 17:19 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Open Atrium 2.6.17

Instructions for upgrading

Please see the Updating Open Atrium guide!

IMPORTANT : Make a BACKUP of your database before applying any updates.

NOTE: : When running updates, it is normal to see "oa_core_update_7236" run many times depending on the amount of content on your site. Do not abort the update process, allow it to complete.

New Features

  • None

Major module/security updates

  • Drupal Core 7.56
  • Panopoly 1.46

Features normally overridden

This version of Atrium is clean. On a fresh install, no features should be marked as overridden.

If OA Worktracker is marked as overridden, you can safely revert it but it will stuck as overridden unless you have the oa_worktracker_duedate submodule enabled.

Changes since last release (2.616)

OA Core 2.86

  • Set is_new when creating new node
  • Remove extra views_query_alter
  • #2880017: User warning: The following module has moved within the file system: installprofiletest

OA Files 2.20

  • Set is_new when creating new node
  • #2880629 by Jorrit: Do not overwrite tree items in oa_files_add_uncategorized

OA Wizard 2.3

  • Set is_new when creating new node

Other Contrib Module Updates (from Panopoly update)

Patches applied in this package

Projectsort descending Patch issue Patch URL
Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core
Drupal core #1973278: Error in image_styles of image.module on database update
Drupal core #2097081: Sticky headers are not calculating the column widths properly.
Drupal core #1311820: Don't do a registry_update() before installing a module
Drupal core #1349080: node_access filters out accessible nodes when node is left joined
Drupal core #2492993: vertical tabs: Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #/<whatever>
Drupal core #980144: Issues with "required, multiple" fields in forms
Drupal core #106721: Optimize node access query building
Drupal core #2329453: Ignore front end vendor folders to improve directory search performance
Drupal core #2199001: Statically cache node access grants


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