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PerformX OpenAccess tables
PerformX OpenAccess accessibility checker

This module registers a CKEditor plugin, PerformX OpenAccess, with the Wysiwyg module so that CKEditor users who may have access to the plugin.

PerformX OpenAccess adds three buttons to the CKEditor toolbar that provide:

  • editor content templates,
  • a library of accessible tables, and
  • accessibility checking for editor content

For a comprehensive description of the plugin, see here.


This module requires the Wysiwyg module and only works with CKEditor. It also requires PerformX OpenAccess plugin installed as an external library. The supported versions of CKEditor currently are 3.6 - 4.2.


  • Follows the instruction provided with the Wysiwyg module to install both Wysiwyg and CKEditor on your site.
  • Install and enable the OpenAccess module.
  • Download the latest version of PerformX OpenAccess from, and extract the zip file to sites/all/libraries. Make sure the plugin files are sitting under sites/all/libraries/performx (eg. the path of the file plugin.js should be sites/all/libraries/performx/plugin.js).
    • If the Libraries API module is installed, the plugin can also be placed under profiles/[yourprofilename]/libraries or sites/
  • To add the PerformX OpenAccess plugin buttons:
    • Go to http://[your site]/admin/config/content/wysiwyg and edit the relevant Wysiwyg profile.
    • Under "Buttons and plugins" section, check "OpenAccess Template", "OpenAccess Table" and "OpenAccess Accessibility Checker" and save the change.
    • The PerformX OpenAccess buttons will then be available in CKEditor.


This module is supported and maintained by Systemik Solutions

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