The Ooyala module provides a field type to display videos using the Ooyala video hosting platform. This module requires an Ooyala account which you can sign up for at

The Ooyala module provides tight integration with the Ooyala platform, allowing
users to upload and reference existing Ooyala videos directly from the node form.

The Ooyala module now supports Drupal 8 and Version 4 of the Ooyala player!

    Drupal 7

    The Drupal 7 version of the Ooyala module provides the following functionality:

    • Automatic publishing of content when processing is completed by Ooyala
    • Automatic pulling of thumbnails from Ooyala based on Backlot settings
    • Bulk import of existing Ooyala videos from Backlot
    • The "Ooyala Markers" module allows you to skip to predefined points in a video.
    • The "Ooyala Taxonomy" module allows you to sync taxonomy terms in Drupal with Ooyala Backlot tags.
    • Example modules demonstrating how to write custom integrations between Drupal and Ooyala.
    • (NEW) Support for Version 4 of the Ooyala player

    Video Tutorials

    There's a free video series detailing how to use the Ooyala module from The series shows installing the module, taxonomy integration, and use with Views. Be sure to check it out if you're evaluating or using this module for the first time.

    Drupal 8

    The Drupal 8 version of the Ooyala module provides the following functionality:

    • Upload videos directly to Ooyala from the node form
    • Reference existing Ooyala videos from the node form


    The Drupal 8 module requires the Plupload v2.2.1 library to be placed in the libraries folder in the docroot.

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    Original 1.x, version, 2.x update, on-going maintenance.
    Version 4 player addition to 2.x, Drupal 8 version

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