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OnePage helps you create an amazing website without pain. It implements the one page concept instead of navigation through different pages.

UI Developer/Designer needed, if your interested email me.. there's alot we can do..

OnePage is a distribution of Drupal and a set of great modules such as Chaos Tools & Page Manager, all wrapped nicely in an installation profile that is pre-configured and ready to use for your website.

It's suitable for small corporate websites, personal websites, portfolios and blogs. It's designated to allow you to take control over your website in terms of content layout, look and feel.

Navigation is replaced with contexts. So you can still let the visitor have an awsome user experience moving him from one context to another, without the need to walk through different pages.

How can you use it?

For end users, it's as simple as personalizing your own twitter page or myspace page.

As a designer, it's more like a playground where you can draw a story or deliver a message through the contexts of your OnePage.

Developers can easily override the existing theme and modules to add extra functionality.

One more thing, you can still limit the OnePage to specific paths and use Drupal normally on the rest of your website. So eventually you can utilize it as a blog, FAQ page or any application that would suit your needs.


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