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An ideal store, dealer, vendor, ATM, branch, office or member/user locator. Just about anything you can think of listing on a map.

The OpenLayers Locator is a feature module that creates a robust, turn-key Locator using the Openlayers, Openlayers Proximity, Addressfield, Geofield and Geocoder modules. Getting up and running with these modules from scratch can be challenging. This feature package simplifies that. Out of the box it provides a Location content type with an address field that is automatically geocoded using Google's Geocoder. The locations are then displayed on a combined list & dynamic map view. Users can then search for locations based on proximity to a postal/zip code, city, province, state or any other geo-spatial reference point understood by Google.


  • Search by Closest Proximity within chosen Radius
  • Baked in support for Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Virtual Earth (Bing) and OpenStreetMap
  • Automatic Geocoding of Locations
  • Optimized for responsive themes
  • Global Support (Support for Kilometers or Miles)
  • Automatic Distance Calculations (Sort locations by distance from a given location)
  • Combine maps from different map providers into one
  • Multiple Map Types - Roads, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain
  • Map interactions like popups, zoom controls, and fullscreen
  • Per-country edit form and formatting of addresses
  • No postal code updates or imports required
  • It uses Views and OpenLayers to create the maps, which provides a ton of options configurable through the Drupal UI to completely make it your own (No coding required).

Requirements 1.x:


OpenLayers Proximity
Proj4JS (New dependency of OpenLayers)
Chaos tools
Address Field
Geocoder API
Geofield 1.x-dev 2013-Apr-06 or later
Libraries API


geoPHP library

Requirements 2.x:


Proj4JS (New dependency of OpenLayers)
Chaos tools
Address Field
Geocoder API
Geofield 2.x-dev 2013-Apr-06 or later
Libraries API


  1. Download all required modules and place them in your modules folder
    (usually /sites/all/modules).
  2. Enable module dependencies and OpenLayers Locator at admin/modules
  3. Optional: Enable Views UI and OpenLayers UI
    (Submodules of the the respective parent modules). These will be required to customize your views and maps.


See Handbook

Known Issues

Due to a new change to Openlayers, you now need to run the latest dev version of Geofield.
OpenLayers #1943968: Layer Projections defined without projection authority cause "Exception: Projection 900913 requested but not supported"
Geofield #1942826: Projection incompatibility with openlayers.


Sponsored by Pixel Sweatshop

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Recommended Modules

Before overriding this feature with your customizations, install the Features Override module. This just captures your changes to a site-specific "Override" feature and leaves the original feature untouched. It will make it easier to upgrade to a newer version of this feature (or any feature) in the future.

Which version to use?

The 1.x version is based on OpenLayers Proximity. Which has received very little development since it's initial D7 port and will most likely not see any future work. Therefore new users are encouraged to use the 2.x version which leverages the new proximity search capabilities of Geofield 2.x.

Updating from 1.x-2.x

  1. Download the Geofield 2.x-dev 2013-Apr-06 or later and OpenLayers Locator 2.x-dev below.
  2. Run update.php and flush caches.
  3. If you made customizations to the proximity search view that comes with OpenLayers Locator, then you will have to revert your view and reapply any of your customizations.
  4. Uninstall OpenLayers Proximity (No longer needed)

Please help test and report any issues with the update process.

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