Overridden og_members view with member titles

Organic groups Titles is a small module that extends group membership to include arbitrary titles with which you can add to Organic groups views. Titles are per member and arbitrary strings. Examples of titles are strings such as "Chairman", "Secretary", or "Really Cool Dude". These can be accessed via Views. More screenshots can be found on the project page linked below.

Drupal 7

Under development
Organic groups titles depends on Organic groups, Organic groups UI, Option widgets, and Views in Drupal 7. It provides a member title field that can be applied to group membership type bundle of group membership.

An upgrade path will be supported via Migrate.

Drupal 6

Based on the configuration you can setup a list of titles to choose from per group, or the aforementioned arbitrary text field. The selection-based lists support sorting by weight.

Currently dependent on Organic groups (and the included og_views module which depends on Views).

Important Note: The current drupal 6 version has two bugs in it that are now corrected in the dev. version when it updates on 12/7/09. Please use this version until 1.2. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This module was originally developed per request by a client of Kosada Incorporated (a small Columbus Ohio-based consulting firm) and has been used in several other drupal site projects.

Drupal 5 version in-progress with work done by John Hanley.

Project Information