This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is an add-on for the Organic Groups module, designed to facilitate user membership in groups. Group owners (creator/manager) will be able to give the registration key to site members. By using the registration key, site members will be granted access to the group in question.

This module is especially useful in classroom environments where a teacher can verbally let students know the registration key for a group in order to get a new site configured and students properly enrolled in a group.

This module differs from Organic Groups Registration Codes in that group owners have the ability to set their own keys. Group owners may also choose to not have a key, which falls back to the base Organic Groups registration settings.

When creating a new group, the group creator will be prompted with an additional form field to set a group registration key. If the group registration key is set it will effectively restrict access to the group. By leaving the group registration key field empty the additional functionality will be disabled.

Registration keys work regardless of the group's selectivity. Because of this, you can have a "Closed" or "Invite Only" group that allows membership via a registration key.

All the settings may be controlled at the settings page at admin/og/og-reg-keys.

Organic Groups Registration Keys was developed by the friendly primates at FunnyMonkey .

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