This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows you to easily define the rules by which organic groups posts will be visible to non-group members. It is an API module which allows developers to create access policies which override the default behavior of OG Access and Spaces OG.

How to Use

  1. Configure your groups to be public. OG Privacy does not affect Private Groups. This module helps restrict access to content in a public group.
  2. OG Privacy uses OG's own node access implementation. It just overrides the privacy logic from OG, Spaces (and hopefully other modules) with it's own from custom UI or other properties of the node object.

This module does not facilitate combining OG Access with other sorts of node access.

Look at the OG Privacy for Open Atrium feature for an example of some of the complexities of using this module with Spaces in a graceful sort of way.

This module is not ready for production sites!

Blog Introduction

This module was sponsored in part by the University of California, Santa Barbara Library.

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