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Looking for co-maintainer. See message in issue queue.

Finally, a D6 update! Sponsored by, so thank them.

From the README:
The goal of this module was to extend the capabilities of the original
og_mandatory_group module to allow as many mandatory groups as the user wants for:
1) All users
2) Group administrators/owners
3) any role
As all of the changes constitute a module with drastically different capabilities,
it didn't make sense to patch the original module with this code. Additionally,
most of the old code was thrown out and a ton of new code put in place.

This isn't simply a patch to og_mandatory_group. Read the rest of the README for a full rundown of features and functionality.

Contact me via my Drupal profile if you'd like to hire me to set this module up, modify it for your particular use, or other Drupal/PHP work.

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