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Annotated screenshot of the Open Form Help Links In New Window module in action.


The Open Form Help Links In New Window module makes all links in forms in the content area open in a new window or tab. It changes the behaviour of any link in the form, regardless of whether it links to an internal or external URI. It doesn't change the behaviour of other links on the page that are not in the form. It adds a small link-opens-in-new-window Only local images are allowed. icon to the links it changes the behaviour of.

This module was inspired primarily by usability issues that I (Bevan) became aware of at the usability testing at UMN, and also by elements of the External Links package. A technical tip was taken from the External New Tab module.

This module is beta, at best. It needs some work so that it doesn't operate on operations links in admin tables. It also needs usability testing to verify it has the intended effect on the usability of help links in forms. If this proves effective, this feature would be candidate for Drupal core contribution.

Currently the module is on or off, and has no UI for any settings. It would be good to enhance it to add a UI to allow users to configure options about which links need to have the behavior modified for, and which ones don't. Contributions welcome!

Related modules:

  • Advanced Help Topic Nodes module implements a similar feature. It can have only one help link per field, and links contain only icons, not text. It integrates and depends on the Advanced Help module which provides some nice enhancements over this module. Read more about the differences.
  • External Links module adds icons and changes behaviour for all links on a website that go to an external website. By contrast, this module only affects links that are inside forms in the content area of a website, and does not distinguish between links to external and internal websites.
  • External New Tab module is a simplified lightweight version of External Links module. See the previous item.
  • External Link Page modifies external links in node content to go to an internal page notifying the user that they are leaving the website.
  • External Links Filter module adds icons to external links in node content, but doesn't seem to change behaviour.
  • CCK Redirection module creates a CCK field that redirects node-views to the URL of the field for that node. Thus the full node can not be viewed.

Commercial support

The author of this module is available for hire. Contact Bevan.


This module is partially sponsored by CivicActions and Conservation Strategy Fund.

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