This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Part of OAIConnect metadata harvesting interface.
OAIConnect installation profile on the live site

OAIConnect is a packaged Drupal application which allows you to harvest, manage and publish metadata records using Dublin Core (DC) metadata gathered from OAI-PMH repositories such as universities' preprint servers or institutional repositories, open access journal servers, digital libraries and more.

Uses include setting up a discovery interface for existing metadata repositories (for instance, focusing on a certain subject) which allow extra functionality like a five star voting system and item and query recommendation (all of which are included out of the box).

Managers can set up harvesting profiles which specify the repository and basic metadata to apply to all harvested items. Different roles can verify and/or edit incoming records for publishing. Visitors can then browse and search through the records using faceted search (powered by Apache Solr).

Modules used include: Feeds, Feeds OAI-PMH fetcher and parser, Apache Solr search, Apache Solr Autocomplete, HILCC Taxonomy Autotag, Active tags, Fivestar, CAPTCHA, Views Bulk Operations and more.


Installing this profile requires an Apache Solr instance; it will work out of the box with a service running on the same server at port 8994 (this can be configured upon installation).


Installation is similar to downloading complete packages of other Drupal profiles.

  • Download and unpack the OAIConnect .tar.gz package available here. This will generate an oaiconnect folder.
  • Place the folder into your webserver. For instance, if your document root is at /opt/lampp/htdocs, you can place it in /opt/lampp/htdocs/oaiconnect
  • Visit the equivalent path on your webserver. For instance:
  • You will be prompted with additional instructions.

Development of OAIConnect was sponsored by CUDI and CONACYT, two nonprofit organizations in México and the Center for Innovation in Technology and Education at Virtual University of Tecnológico de Monterrey System.


You can download the OAIConnect .tar.gz package here.

Project Information

  • Maintenance status: Unsupported
  • Development status: Obsolete
  • Last modified: 28 March 2017
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