This module uses a SOAP interface to request weather data from the U.S. NOAA National Weather Service. The module displays summary forecast data (high temperature, low temperature, expected conditions, weather icon) and provides an API for retrieving other weather information based on published NWS SOAP/XML APIs. This module requires 'SOAP' to be enabled on the host. It has no other dependencies.

We have included two methods to utilize this module. The simple method is a Drupal admin configurable 'single location' mode. The administrator defines a latitude/longitude and name along with a few details about how the data is displayed. The nws_weather module exposes a block that the administrator can place appropriately. This mode is obviously limited to just one location.

The second mode is to expose an API for retrieving a wide range of weather data (including both forecast and recent conditions data) from the NWS api NDFDgen.

Support for development of this module was provided by American Park Network for use in their website

* In late September NWS changed the required parameters for some of it's SOAP function calls. These changes effectively broke both 6.x and 7.x versions of this module. New releases 7.x-1.3 and 6.x-1.1 are now available that have the new required parameters included.

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