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Build custom Watchdog subscriptions using the Custom Subscriptions feature bundled in Notifications 6.x-4.x.

This module requires the 4.x branch of Notifications (6.x-4.0-beta7 or higher).

Currently supports sending notifications for any Watchdog message type, any Watchdog message severity, and any combination of these. For example, you might create notifications for:

  • "Access Denied" type entires
  • "Critical" entries, regardless of type
  • "Cron" entries with a severity of "Critical"

After installing the module, visit the Custom Subscriptions admin menu to set up your Watchdog notification(s).

Because Notifications for Watchdog is an extension of the extremely capable Notifications & Messaging framework, you inherit all of the flexibility around how your Watchdog notifications will be delivered (email, SMS, XMPP, Prowl, etc) and at what frequency (immediately vs delayed digests). If you choose to, you can also let other members on your site subscribe to the notifications (co-admins, your mom, whomever). You also have full control over the email templates used to send out the notifications.

My initial motivation for creating the Notifications for Watchdog module was to simply learn how to extend Custom Subscriptions in Notifications 6.x-4.x. I've documented the process for other developers wanting to do something similar.

For an alternative to watchdog email alerts, check out the Logging and alerts module.

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