Provides integration with Nomensa's Accessible Media Player.


  1. Libraries API
  2. jQuery UI (Drupal 6 only)


Any issues logged against this project need to be specific to this module. There is a separate issue queue at for issues specific to the media player itself.

Drupal 7

As of the 7.x-1.2 release, by default the 'a' tag also needs to have a class of "player" added for the player to load. This can be changed though within the module settings. #2035311: Option to display media player instead of link

Drupal 6

If updating from 6.x-1.x-dev to 6.x-1.0, you must run the update.php script afterwards otherwise the module will not work. The variable names have changed prior to the 6.x-1.0 release and this update re-saves any existing variables into their new format.

Examples and Tests

There are directories called examples and test, as well as some other files, in the library that aren't required for the module to work. There is a patch that removes these extra directories and files.

#D7AX - I pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

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