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Nokia Mobile Theme screenshot

This a theme designed for a mobile experience, it provides different presentation layers to best serve basic devices and high-end smartphones.

This theme is based on the original work of teemule and his Mobile Plugin and the design is based on the official Nokia templates that can be found on Forum Nokia, Nokia Mobile Web Templates - Introduction to the templates. Download is free, but might require free registration.

This theme and integration were done by Andrea Trasatti and kindly sponsored by Forum Nokia.
This theme is meant to work great on ALL mobile devices.

Special features

  1. Integrated detection of device families (low, mid and high end) specific for Nokia, but supporting many popular devices such as iPhone, Android-based and Palm Pre/Pixi
  2. Show different theme features depending on browser capabilities (use accordions to hide areas that are not used frequently, use of shades and CSS to make the look nicer, more)
  3. Tweaks for touch devices
  4. Specific tweaks for some specific Nokia devices such as the N900


The best thing to do is to look at the latest README.TXT and INSTALL.txt files.


Starting from version 1.1 the Mobile Plugin is not required anymore. Check out the handbook page Nokia Mobile Theme with more details on installing and testing.
There is also a handbook page on how to Install and use the Nokia Mobile Theme with Mobile Plugin and a nice video tutorial.


Testing the new theme is quite easy. If you are using Firefox make sure you have installed the User Agent Switcher, choose a User-Agent, for example an N900 (you might have to add this). If you are using Safari and enable the "Developer" menu (here's how to do it) and just pick the iPhone User-Agent.
In either case you should clear your cookies from your test site because the Mobile Plugin uses them to avoid repeated detection. Once you've cleared the cookies, reload the page and you should see something like this (sorry, cannot use an img tag in this page!).

See the demo site for more.

If you wanted to see how it looks on many devices and don't have them handy, you should take a look at Nokia's Remote Device Access service, it's free of charge and very good. As an alternative, look at DeviceAnywhere that will also offer a variety of non-Nokia devices.

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