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It is time we teach/obligate the users to stop using Internet Explorer 6 so the Internet can continue its growth.

No IE6 displays a message to all the users using Internet Explorer 6 where they can read why their browser is not supported on the visited site, and also choose an alternative browser from a list that it will be presented to them.

Some of the features of No IE6 are:

  • Customization of the displayed message.
  • Full control of the supported browser list: download URLs, display order, include or exclude browser, etc.
  • Option to close the message and keep navigating.
  • Display message using overlay or not.
  • Does not impact performance of other browsers.
  • Easy to style to fit your own design.

Here at Affinity Bridge we think that some people don't know why Internet Explorer 6 is obsolete, but that can change with a little bit of help.

For more information please refer to the handbook page.

New Release

Hello everyone,

After several requests I finally put together a module that can block more versions of Internet Explorer. I encourage everyone to use Browser Bouncer since I will stop supporting No IE6 in the future.

Thank you so much.

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