This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows a blacklist of sites that will have a rel="nofollow" attribute added to their link tags whenever used on your site. Originally the only page in the blacklist was Wikipedia, though it now allows an admin controlled blacklist and whitelist.

Installation note: You must configure the input formats and add this to a format for this module to work.

Since this is a filter module, it only works on text that is passed through Drupal's filter system. The biggest example of content passed through the filters are the body of content, blocks, and cck text fields where the user specifies an input format. It will not work on several areas including menus, site footers, mission statements, and profile fields.

If you wish to add nofollow to all external links you simply add your site to the "whitelist".

For more information on the motivation for this module see Just say NO(follow) to Wikipedia Links!


Original development sponsored by Growing Venture Solutions.

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