Leverage the power of nodewords custom pages to set the page title using wildcard paths and global tokens. Great for tough-to-reach page titles in Views, Panels, and other non-node paths!

The value proposition:
You're frustrated with your page titles. You've never been able to put a decent SEO-friendly title into dynamically created pages. Say goodbye to your frustrations. This module marries the best features of nodewords and page_title modules. :-)

Steps to install:

  1. Enable nodewords w/ "Custom Pages" sub-module (Please use 1.12-rc1 or 1.12-beta9)
  2. Enable page_title.
  3. Enable nodewords_pagetitle (this module).

Steps to configure:
1. Make sure you set the following on the nodewords admin page (admin/content/nodewords/settings):

  • Under "Meta tags to output", make sure "Page title" has "In HTML tag HEAD" checked.
  • Under "Meta tags enabled on administrative settings pages", make sure "Page title" has "Show in edit form" checked.

2. Check out the page_title module admin (admin/content/page_title):

  • Make sure "Default" has the token [page-title] at the very least.

3. Go over to the custom pages tab (admin/content/nodewords/custom) and check out the add/edit pages:

  • You will see a "Path" field. Feel free to put in standard drupal paths, with or without wildcards (*).
  • You will see a "Page title" field. Feel free to put in any text or global tokens you want.

Steps to test:
After saving, cruise over to that custom page. Congratulations, you just did a little SEO magic. :-)

Initially funded by MIX Market. Developed by yadaDROP, a Drupal SEO company.

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