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This module is no longer needed. NodeSquirrel is now built into Backup and Migrate. Just download version 2.7 or greater.

Back up your site to the NodeSquirrel.com backup service. This module extends Backup and Migrate to get your backups off of your server.

NodeSquirrel is the online backup solution for Drupal. It is:

Backups are transmitted over SSL and encrypted at rest.
Backups are stored on the industry-leading Amazon S3 storage platform.
Set up takes less than 5 minutes.
Plans start at just $9/month.
The NodeSquirrel service was developed by Gorton Studios, the team behind Backup and Migrate. Proceeds from the service help fund development on that and other contributed modules.

This module requires Backup and Migrate version 2 and a NodeSquirrel.com account.

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