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This module adds a new CCK Node Reference widget option (in addition to the default Select and Auto Complete widget) which seamlessly integrates ASM Select support into all Drupal forms. This allows users to control the order (Delta field) of a Multi-select Node Reference field.

Update: As of February 2009, the author of this module has ceased development on it in favor of Node Reference Views Select, which provides most of the functionality in this module and much more.

ASM Select is a progressive enhancement
to <select multiple> form elements. It provides a simpler alternative with the following

  • Easier for users to understand and interact with than regular <select multiple> form elements. Users know how to interact with it sans instruction.
  • Doesn't require user to Ctrl-Click or Shift-Click multiple elements. Instead users of your form can add or remove elements individually, without risk of losing those that have already been selected.
  • Selected elements are always visible (within the confines of your interface) while unselected elements are always hidden within a regular <select>).
  • Unlike regular <select multiple> option elements, those on asmSelect are optionally sortable with drag and drop (this part requires jQuery UI).
  • asmSelect hides, maintains and updates the original <select multiple> so that no changes are required to existing code.
  • If a user does not have javascript, then of course the regular <select multiple> form element is used instead.
  • If the original <select multiple> form element is modified by some other jQuery or javascript code, the change will be reflected in the asmSelect as well.

Features of this module which are not related to ASM Select:

  • Optional filtering for the nodes in the select list using Taxonomy
  • Optional creation of new nodes of the referenced type(s) from the referencing node's form - useful mainly for the scaffolding phase of a project.

Module development has been sponserd by ewave

Co-maintained by nath

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