This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module shows users other nodes that they might be interested in based on a simple logic and using taxonomy. The aim of this module is to provide sensible defaults and an easy configuration (not that Views-like) for normal users and to allow it to be manually overriden.

This module has similarities to other recommendation or similar modules (many of which are Drupal 6 only).

The features of this module are:

  • A recommendation block that is fed with nodes based on different criteria.
  • The recommendation can occur by using terms or manually selecting nodes on a per node basis.
  • Set up defaults by categories (terms). i.e. You want that for any node of 'Linux' term the recommendation block should display nodes with the 'Unix' term.
  • Different sort criteria. i.e. what nodes should be prioritized over others.
  • Use Ubercart information for sorting criteria: High profit, high stock, slow sellers.

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