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Node Map capture

This module provides 3 ways for mapping/relating a node to a location on a map provided by !Yahoo Maps Service.
On node view it displays the marked location on the map, through a dedicated block.

You can:
- Search location - search for a location, just like @ !Yahoo Maps, or Google Maps. Geocoding services are provided by !Yahoo & Google(if google geocoding is enabled). You can choose the closest location for your needs, from the list generated by the geocoding services.
- Map - drag the map to your desired location & double-click to get the geocodes. This works with AJAX & automatically fills the fields.
- Manual geocode input - type your geocodes & with a button click mark the spot on the map. From there you can work with the map for a more precise mapping.

You can configure:

- On what node types the module will be enabled;
- On both maps (node edit map & node view block map):
- map width;
- map height;
- default map zoom level;
- default map type (map, satellite, hybrid);
- On node edit map you can also configure a default start location.
- On node view map you can set the label for the map marker(node title, address, or both).

Attached is a capture from a node edit page.

Views ready.


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