This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Node feedback screenshot

Nodefeedback provides a form on the node view pages to answer/vote on custom questions. It should be useful for Knowledge Base / Wiki sites and/or some others needing users input on the content.

Supported question types are:
- radio buttons (answers are stored in the Voting API DB as the votes on the question tags)
- text-areas (answers are stored in the custom table).

Permissions system:
2 global permissions:
'administer nodefeedback' - administrative permissions to setup the module
'use PHP input for nodefeedback options' - security permission to explicitly allow to use PHP for questions configuration (required to implement custom questions)
2 per node_type permissions:
'provide feedback on node_type content' - permission to provide feedback on the nodes of this node_type
'see feedback on node_type content' - permission to see the results/feedback directly on the node view pages

Requirements: Voting API
Awesome Voting API module is used to record answers to the radio-button questions and tailor results for these questions. It also provides Views integration for these questions.

Integration: Views
Views integration allows to use all the nodefeedback text area answers either as the base info or as the info linked to nodes through the Relationships. Module doesn't provide any default views yet.

SPAM Prevention: As it uses the standard Drupal Form API, it integrates well with any SPAM prevention technique/module such as Mollom, CAPTCHA, Hashcash, AntiSpam, etc. You just need to protect the form id "nodefeedback_form".

1. Provide default views.
2. Use one of the default views for the 'Collected feedback' fieldset (see screenshot). It will allow to customize this view to change the 'Collected feedback' feature.

Module development was sponsored by Acronis, Inc

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