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node_gallery_taxonomy in action


Node Gallery Taxonomy is a module designed to work with Node Gallery by providing one very specific feature: the cascading of taxonomy from a gallery node down to the image nodes upon modification.


  • Makes use of batch API, so it's safe to use even if your gallery has thousands of image nodes in it.
  • Uses some logic to determine whether or not the taxonomy changed on the gallery or not, and it won't cascade if it didn't change. Example: if you change the title of your gallery but don't touch the taxonomy on it, this module won't unnecessarily re-copy the taxonomy to each image node.
  • Is configurable on a per-(node-gallery)relationship basis.
  • Provides a button to do a one-time cascade from all galleries in a relationship to all images.


Known problems

None known at this time. Please file an issue if you have any questions or problems.

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