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Node Form Rearrange

This module is not recommended in cases where you use other modules that modify the taxonomy form elements in some regard. Many incompatibilities (such as forum and simplenews) have been reported in the issues queue and there's no good way of ensuring compatibility with all such modules.

This module is useful only in the case where a module like Content Taxonomy does not provide the input widget required, and the default taxonomy field does.

At the moment, this module allows form elements generated by the taxonomy module (selects, multi-selects, autocompletes, etc. for selecting terms) to be rearranged individually throughout the node form. It should also work for modules that modify default taxonomy form elements, like the Hierarchical Select module. For setting the form element weights, the content module's click-and-drag 'Manage Fields' page is used (admin/content/node-type/[content type]/fields).

NOTES: This needs to be tested thoroughly. It has only been tested with CCK version 2. The weight of the module is set automatically in order to ensure that this module runs after the taxonomy module. Recent versions of CCK version 2 allow for field rearranging without there being a CCK field present in the content type.

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