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This module allows you to view a node on the /admin/content page itself along with node's additional information like :

  • node title and ID
  • type of node - article, blog, page, etc.
  • status - published or unpublished
  • operations - edit, delete and any other
  • revision ID
  • created and updated time
  • author info - user id, name, status, role
  • and more

In the content listing page, there is a drop-down at the top with two options

  • List View is the traditional listing of node titles, that is the default drupal content page
  • Detailed View is the new way of content management where you get a node preview on the same page itself

Change configuration settings at admin/config/user-interface/node_detail_view to suit your needs.

The basic reason to develop this module is to ease content management, so that you do not have to visit the /admin/content page again and again after viewing a particular node, you are provided with all the node previews at one place.

D8 version is still in dev phase due to complexities. It will take some time to roll out a stable release.

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