There are times that the end-user browser (and password manager) autocomplete facility is a complete disaster.

Two of these are

1. The Drupal user edit form, where the browser typically fills in the first password field but leaves the "Confirm Password" field blank. This is no big deal for a sophisticated user, but can drive naive users crazy because of the error they get when they save. And they *know* they didn't want to change their password anyway.

1. The User Login form, where some security policies really want the user to enter a password, not have one cached from the browser.

This module attempts to help with those two problems by adding "autocomplete=off" to the related forms or form elements. However, browsers and password managers and the like may very well not respect the "autocomplete=off" attribute anyway. For example, Chrome seems no longer to respect it and Lastpass ignores it by default. Read a full rundown on browser support by Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Unfortunately, it seems that browsers have moved away from support, so this module will not have a future.

Please note that this module has nothing to do with the Drupal "autocomplete" function in a form, which can for example help you choose a username or city from a database of options. This module is about trying to control *browser* behavior in autofilling key user forms.

Supporting organizations: 
Savas helped port the module to Drupal 7

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