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Nivo formatter settings
Nivo formatter in action.


* Introduction
* Installation


Current Maintainer: Long Nguyen

Nivo formatter is an image field formatter that transform any image field
to awesome Nivo Slider image gallery.

For user:
- Support image style.
- Support thumbnail.
- Support most settings of Nivo Slider, except advanced triggers callback

For developer, themer: nivo_formatter support to load your Nivo Slider theme. just drop it
in nivo-slider/themes/your-themes/ and ensure your stylesheet is

Currently, it is not working with Views, you may want to check this out module
Views Nivo Slider

It's working in views but you need to check the option for using field template file.

Please fix my typos if it's wrong! Thanks.

1. Download & install libraries module.

2. Download & install jquery_update module.

3. Create directory sites/all/libraries.

4. Download Nivo slider and extract
to sites/all/libraries/nivo-slider.
Ensure this path exists:

5. Download and enable nivo_formatter module.

6. Add field image if not existed to your content type admin/structure/types
Select more than one value for your image field.

7. At Content's Manage Display tab, field Image, select Nivo formatter as format.
Tweak setting as you like. Update -> Save.

8. Create content, upload some image and see Nivo Slider in action.

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