Settings and popup preview The Nice messages popup module changes how Drupals status, warning and error messages are showing up by giving flexible stylable nice looking fading little jQuery-popups like on Social networks at hand, provided by the small and fast jQuery jGrowl plugin. It can be activated globally or partially for certain pages / users and prevents the typical cluttering caused by error messages getting in the way by moving the grid and layout of a website up and down.

The jQuery jGrowl plugin beats all its competitors because it supports all browsers including older Browsers like IE6 and loads with a very small size of less than 6kb.

Default installation and setup instructions

  1. Download module (either:)
    1. from the release section below and unpack into sites/all/modules, (or:)
    2. via Drush: drush dl nicemessages
  2. Download and unpack the free available small jQuery jGrowl plugin from the authors website here into sites/all/libraries and rename the unpacked folder to "jgrowl".
  3. Activate the module via yoursite/admin/modules or Drush drush en nicemessages -y and choose a global or user/pages specific popup behaviour under /admin/config/system/nicemessages.
  4. Finally (if enabled before) go to your userprofile-settings-page and activate displaying system messages with Nice messages for your user account individually.
  5. Administrators can customize module behavior at yoursite/admin/config/system/nicemessages to set up Nice messages to their needs, like:
    1. Style, popup delay, holding time, where on the screen (left, right,center,top,bottom), background error message colors, shadows, and many more.
    2. Additionally, to style font, color, images, background, borders, etc. to fit the look and feel to your needs, it is possible to use css theme overrides (styles presets and export planned).


  1. Option to toggle Nice messages for pages on a path basis
  2. Option to toggle Nice messages system wide on a per user basis
  3. Different color styles of popup messages
  4. Different positions of popup messages
  5. Different fading and holding times for each message type
  6. Option to modify user permissions to toggle Nice messages per user role
  7. Nice and clean fallback to Drupals default system messages for all toggled off scenarios.


  1. The basic jgrowl message popup module was initially written by blazey for the monthly Meant4 Drupal Contrib Contest.
  2. The module is remapped with additional features and maintained now by diqidoq (Digidog) since Sommer 2011.

Comparison and Story

Please see this comparison chart of several modules similar to Nice Messages.
#D8CX: We pledge that Nice messages will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

Supporting organizations: 
has partially supported the project by financing contributors and allowing working on it in company time.

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