The Image Drupal module allows you to work with a set of images using the tabledrag feature, but in many cases it is uncomfortable.

This module uses the 'sortable' interaction of jQuery UI to overcome this problem and presents a widget called 'Nice Multiple' that can be used with fields of Image Type.

Besides this, the Drupal 7 version of the module requires Multiupload Filefield Widget module and allows selecting multiple files to upload at a time.


Nice ImageField Widget module has following dependencies:

Drupal Core Modules

  • Image

Contributed Modules (only for Drupal 7)

External Libraries


  • Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See Installing modules (Drupal 7) and Installing modules (Drupal 8) documentations for further information.
  • Add a Image field to a content type and select the widget 'Nice Multiple'.
  • You might have to increase the default max_input_vars, max_file_uploads, post_max_size or max_file_uploads php.ini directives.

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