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Turn your website into an advanced music player! Musica is a modern and flexible theme built using the UIKIT framework. This allows for an amazing level of control and versatility with page display options while creating a minimum of bloat from unnecessary js/css references(uikit).

Musica is intended to work out of the box with the Pushtape Music Distribution with features that enhance Pushtape, "Pushing" it to new limits. Musica is built using the UIKIT API theme. If you are looking for "Musica" features in a non-music focused site, then check out UIKIT API.

Musica is a beautiful music player with features that it allow to build playlists out of just about anything, anywhere. It doesnt matter if its in the cloud or on your computer or on your server, Musica can probably play an mp3 off your grandma's toast, just load the toast into your cd/dvd burner.

Check out the screenshot to see what we have planned. Many of the features have already been completed and we are well on our way to making this the best music player theme for drupal. We are building in many new great features each week. We can use help with documentation, coding, testing and getting the first release out.

Musica is developed by Tunerockit and the Conscious Music Project. We are currently looking for developers and co-maintainers of the project.

We just published the first dev release, please download it and help us out by posting any issues to the issue que.

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Design, Development, Maintenance

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