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Multivariate Drupal 7 version


This module provides a simple interface for setting up multivariate or A/B style studies that can be performed on a live sites to test the effectiveness of various interfaces.

Deep integration into Drupal allow AB/Multivariate tests to take direct controle of Drupal settings and can manipulate processes. They can be much more powerful than external solutions.


  • 2013-Sept-19 - We are organizing multivariate BOF on DrupalCon Prague, if you are interested in this module this is a great opportunity to find out more about it and help in future development.

New pluggable 7.x-1.x release

The new Drupal 7 port is a completely entity based rewrite based on the 6.x-2.x release. It supports a pluggable system for mutations, success conditions and test conditions. A new Drupal 7 port is available. Upgrade pathes are currently missing!

Check 7.x-1.x roadmap.

IMPORTANT: Until we reach beta version for 7.x-1.x there can, and probably will be, changes on storage level that will break dev upgrades - which means you will not be able to upgrade to new versions. We are sorry for this but we just don't have enough resources to cover clean upgrade paths while 7.x-1.x version is in development stage.


Multivariate supports to run multiple test cases in parallel. A test case is triggered if a test condition is met. The visitor is then assigned to a specific variant combination of the current test case. The configured mutations take place for this user. Note: caching is inactive and a cookie is present to identify the variation. Success is measured as soon as the success condition is met.

If you setup multiple sets, multivariate will test all possible variation combinations (one per set each).
A test case with one set and two variations is formally an AB test.

The system provides a wide range of configurable mutations. In addition you can write your own plugins with a few lines of code.

There's no further documentation yet. Help out!

Known problems

Find additional plans / features here. The new 7.x-1.x and 6.x-2.x branch will need much more testing. Please report issues found.


The module was originally developed by Boombatower and later maintained by soyarma.

Supporting organizations: 
6.x-2.x Architecture / Rewrite, 7.x Port, Funding

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