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The File module of Drupal 7 enables you to select only one file at a time which can be very time consuming in case of many files. This module uses the 'multiple' attribute of html5 to overcome this problem and presents a widget called 'Multiple' that can be used with fields of type File.

Using this Multiple widget in case of File fields it is possible to select more files at a time, which can be a big time saver.

For an image field see Multiupload Imagefield Widget, which depends on this module.

Known browsers to work with: Firefox 3.6+, Chromium 10+, Opera 11.01+.
IE 10 is said to support the 'multiple' html5 attribute but have not tested it.


The core File module.


1. Enable the module.
2. Add a 'file' field to a content type and select the widget 'Multiple'.
3. You might have to increase the default max_input_vars, max_file_uploads, post_max_size or max_file_uploads php.ini directives.
4. Done

-- New Features in 7.x-1.11 --

  • Transliteration support (Thanks to robertom)
  • Insert support (Thanks to dagmar)

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