This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Mugshot module enables the users to take directly a photo inside a web page with a webcam. The photos are then presented in a gallery or on a block.

You can also activate the 'Goo effect' to distort the photo for more fun. Distort the photo by clicking and moving the mouse on the preview screen. You can try here.

The photos are stored with JPEG compression in two resolutions, 640x480 and 160x120 for thumbnails.

The module can be bind to the comment form, thus, the users can leave a photo in their comments.

The gallery has an RSS feed to notify the arrival of new photos.

The mugshot module has 2 blocks, one for the latest photo taken and one for a random photo of the gallery.

Authenticated users and/or anonymous users can moderate there own photos.

To work properly, the end-user must have the flash plugin (version 9 or greater) in the browser and authorize the flash plugin to access the webcam.

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