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Drupal 6.x Release:

The movies module allows any user on the system to manage a list of movies that they own or that they wish to own (wishlist). By visiting user/%uid/movies a user can handle their own movie listings, wishlist listings and handle any duplicates between the two lists. When they get a movie off of their wishlist, they can simply choose to push this list to their main movie list.

The movies path will show a list of users with their movies (if a user has elected to display their movies to the public). If you'd prefer to manage a single list, you can configure a setting to forego this page and go straight to a movie list.

Drupal 5.x Release(s):

Please note that this release will have no new features added

The movies module allows the administrator to create, edit, update and delete movies in a database (including the IMDB link if desired), at admin/movies. They also have the ability to add movies (in the same fashion) to a movie wishlist, checking off movies from that last as they are purchased, automatically adding that movie to their main movie list, at admin/movies/wishlist. There is also a page which will find any conflict between the two lists.

For the visitor of the site, they can visit http://%your-site%/movies or http://%your-site%/movies/wishlist to view each of these lists, with the movie name linking to the imdb page, where applicable.

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