Views integration for Moodle database tables, so that site administrators can build Views in Drupal showing Moodle data.

For example, create a "My Courses" page for the currently-logged in Drupal user, or a Drupal page that lists all Courses available in a Moodle site.


Build Drupal Views to display read-only Moodle data for:

  • Moodle courses
  • Moodle users

Most fields you might want to display are included, and there are automatic relationships available so you can list authors of courses, course creators, enrolled users on courses, courses for users, and more.

Can also display:

  • course prices with the six currencies supported by Moodle 2.3, where prices have been applied (e.g. with Moodle's PayPal integration).
  • user+course grades, including grade letter assignments (may not work in all cases?).


Recommended Projects

Use this module with https://github.com/cannod/moodle-drupalservices/ to gain single-sign-on between a Drupal site and a Moodle site sharing the same domain suffix. This system uses the Moodle "ID Number" field to store the Drupal user's UID, a feature that can be used in Views constructed using this Moodle Views module.

Possible future development

  • Addition of more table definitions to enable more of them to be used in Views
  • Possibly update to work with newer Moodle version database schemas, perhaps with some sort of table detection.
  • Addition of more custom views_handler objects to handle some of the more difficult Moodle table relationships.

Project Information